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Support from the cognitive science community will ensure the continuation of the exciting, esteemed interdisciplinary activities of the Cognitive Science Program.

How to contribute

  • Go to
  • Hover over the tab “Find a Gift Opportunity” and click on “Giving Search.” 
  • Type in "Cognitive Science" and click “Search”.  The list of Cognitive Science accounts will be listed below.  Click on the fund/account you would like to support.  You will be routed to a donation form with the account name entered on it.
  • Complete the donation form
  • Click on the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page. 


For general support of the program, donations can be made to Cognitive Science Program (Designation Description = Cognitive Science Program Admin Support, account #20-10-1939).

To support graduate students who have declared Cognitive Science as their Ph.D. minor, donations can be made to Cognitive Science Student Support (account # 20-10-2175). Types of support include fellowships, research awards, and contributions to the cost of conference travel.

For contributions devoted to a specific purpose, donations can be made the Cognitive Science Gift Account (#20-10-1938). If at all possible, please discuss your intentions with Mary Peterson, Cognitive Science Program Director (, 520-621-5365) prior to making a donation to this account.