Our MISSION:   Advancing Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science Research

Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of cognition encompassing the study of behavior as well as the brain mechanisms and computations underlying behavior. The term “cognitive” refers to the processes by which sensory input is transformed, stored, recovered, and used, even in the absence of relevant stimulation as in thinking, mental imagery and hallucination.


Our VISION:   Harnessing interdisciplinarity to address the challenges facing contemporary society

By sharing assumptions, methods, and progress among (and even beyond) the foundational disciplines of Cognitive Science -- Anthropology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology -- we promote state-of-the art approaches. By engaging students in interdisciplinary thinking and research, we expand the knowledge base of next generation scholars. By training students in advanced research methods in the disciplines constituting Cognitive Science, we prepare them for success in applied and academic fields.


Our VALUES:   Diversity

As an interdisciplinary program, we value diversity of people and opinions and are committed to advancing the goals of the University of Arizona in its role as a Hispanic Serving and Native American Serving educational and research institution. We strive to attract and retain diverse people with diverse talents, skills, and lived experiences and are committed to having them feel welcomed and valued.