Graduate Students - Linguistics

Rachel Dawn Brown

Key words:  psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, morphology, sentence processing

Stanley A. Donahoo

Key words:  Psycholinguistics, experimental pragmatics, lexical access

Alexandra Ekshteyn
Rana Nabors

Linguistics Major Key Words:  syntax, semantics, and morphology with specific interests in Japanese and Persian complex predicates, heavy verbs, causatives, and DPs. 

Cognitive Science Minor Key Words:  Bilingualism and Masked translation priming

Noah Nelson

Key words:  cognitive science, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, variationist/evolutionary phonology, morphosyntax, indigenous languages and grammars

Additional information: I am currently involved in research investigating how competition among words affects the ways in which we produce and perceive those words in natural speech and the implications for how words are stored, accessed, and processed in the mind.

Jaime Parchment

Key words: