Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Linguistics. Key words: phonetics/phonology, Native American languages, historical linguistics, animal communicaiton
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science Program
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Psychology and Linguistics, Cognitive Science Program
Professor, Psychology (Department Head). Key words: neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation
Emeritus Professor, Psychology. Key words: neuropsychology, memory and aging
Associate Professor-Child Health, College of Medicine-Phoenix
Professor, Emeritus, Philosophy. Key words: philosophy of mind
What It Is Like to Perceive: Direct Realism and the Phenomenal Character of Perception (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018), 384 pp.
Regents Professor Emeritus, Psychology and Cognitive Science. Key words: behavioral neuroscience, memory systems
Research Scientist IV, SLHS Department. Key words: fMRI, DWI, visualization, standardization
Professor of Neurology, Psychology, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Chief, Neurology Section, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, Tucson AZ. Keywords: Behavioral Neurology, Disorders of Spoken and Written Language (Aphasia/Alexia/Agraphia), Face Recognition Memory, Executive Function, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia
Emerita Professor, French and Italian. Key words: bilingualism, language acquisition