Decision Making Faculty

Associate Professor, Human Systems Engineering, Arizona State University. Key Words: Evolutionary, social and emotional constraints on Attention, Perception, Memory and Action
Associate Professor, College of Technology and Innovation, Arizona State University. Key Words: Human Factors and Human Computer Interaction in Healthcare, Aviation and Product Design
Professor Emeritus, Management and Organizations. Key words: decision behavior
Assistant Professor, Psychology. Key words: cost-benefit decision-making, navigation and memory consolidation.
Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Key words: collective decision making in insects
Professor, School of Information Resources and Library Science. Key words: Epistemology, Deception, Philosophy of Information
Professor, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University. Key Words: Self-regulation and self-regulated strategy development; writing and the reading-writing connection; teacher quality and professional development; students at-risk and those with high incidence disabilities
Professor, Philosophy. Key words: philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of language, epistemology, decision theory
Associate Professor, Management and Organizations. Key words: strategic decision making, inter-group conflict, group decision making
Associate Professor, Mathematics. Key words: applied nonlinear dynamics, computational methods, stochastic nonlinear phenomena in physical and biological systems, computational neuroscience, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, Monte Carlo methods and applications.
Professor, Philosophy. Key words: experimental philosophy, cultural evolution, free will and cognitive theories of the imagination
Eller Professor of Economics. Keywords: experimental economics
Professor, Management and Organizations. Key words: judgment and decision making, management and consumer behavior, judgments of fairness
Professor, Linguistics. Key words: language and mind, judgment and decision making
Assistant Professor, Marketing. Key words: Experiential consumption (aesthetic design, food portion size, happiness) Relationships (trust in interpersonal relationships, consumer-brand relationship) Neurophysiological explanations of consumer behavior Methods (behavioral experiments, psychometrics, fMRI, response accuracy, data triangulation)
Associate Professor, Psychology, Arizona State University. Key Words: Animal cognition, associative learning, timing and time perception, choice and decision making
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and the Cognitive Science Program. Key words: computational modeling, psychophysics, pupillometry and brain imaging