Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Linguistics. Key words: phonetics/phonology, Native American languages, historical linguistics, animal communicaiton
Forster , Kenneth I. ; (),
Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science Program
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Psychology and Linguistics, Cognitive Science Program
Emeritus Professor, Psychology. Key words: neuropsychology, memory and aging
Associate Professor-Child Health, College of Medicine-Phoenix
Professor of Neurology, Psychology, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; Chief, Neurology Section, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, Tucson AZ. Keywords: Behavioral Neurology, Disorders of Spoken and Written Language (Aphasia/Alexia/Agraphia), Face Recognition Memory, Executive Function, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia
Emerita Professor, French and Italian. Key words: bilingualism, language acquisition
Philosophy faculty, Associate Professor. Keywords: epistemology, philosophy of mind and cognitive science, aesthetics, experimental philosophy